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SembraMedia’s mission is to empower diverse voices in media to publish news with greater independence, journalistic integrity and a positive impact on the communities they serve. It helps digital media entrepreneurs build more sustainable news organisations by offering business and technical training, market intelligence, networking opportunities, specialised consulting and direct financial support. Its work is driven by an international team of journalists, entrepreneurs, consultants and academics with deep knowledge of global political, economic and media markets. SembraMedia was founded in 2015 by Janine Warner, a journalist, entrepreneur and digital journalism pioneer based in the US, and Mijal Iastrebner,  a journalist and entrepreneur based in Argentina. SembraMedia is guided and supported by a distinguished board of directors. SembraMedia has developed a directory of Spanish-language independent digital media organisations which features more than 1,000 organisations in 24 countries. To learn more, visit sembramedia.org

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is a non-profit foundation based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Founded in 1992, it has been working independently to support, strengthen and develop journalism in Europe. The EJC believes that resilient, inclusive and progressive media not only delivers better journalism, but also produces many forms of public benefit that make governments and societies function better and strengthen democracy. 

Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) ​​is a leading global community for media development, media freedom and journalism support. Through collaboration, coordination and collective action, its network of 147 member organisations — as well as dozens of partners — creates, promotes and delivers policies and programmes to sustain journalism as a public good. GFMD envisages a world in which democracy, human rights and sustainable development benefit from a pluralistic and informed public sphere underpinned by free, independent and viable public-interest media and journalism.

Media and Journalism Research Center (MJRC) is an independent media research and policy think tank which seeks to improve the quality of media policymaking and the state of independent media and journalism through research, knowledge sharing and financial support. MJRC continues the work of the Center for Media, Data & Society (CMDS), which until October 2022 operated as a unit of Central European University (CEU).

International Media Support (IMS) is one of the largest media development organisations in the Nordic region. It works in more than 30 countries across four continents, promoting press freedom, good journalism and safety for journalists. IMS aims to create safer media environments with sound laws for journalists in countries where press freedom and other human rights are in dire straits. Its work is based on long-term engagements tailored to the local country contexts in which it seeks to make a difference, always in partnership with local and international media actors.

Building on nearly two decades of partnership with the news industry, the Google News Initiative (GNI) was launched in 2018 to bring together efforts across the company to help build a stronger future for news. To date, the Google News Initiative has supported 7000+ news partners in more than 120 countries and territories through more than $300 million in global funding.

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