14 de April de 2023

Section 6: Country Summaries

14 de April de 2023

Section 5: Most digital native media were founded in the last decade

Most of the independent digital native media included in this report were launched in the last 10 years. The average age of the media organisations in […]
14 de April de 2023

Section 4: Innovative news coverage

Society and human rights issues stand out as the most-covered topics The majority of independent digital native media featured in this report said they cover society […]
14 de April de 2023

Section 3: Why journalists start digital media organisations

Creating media outlets based on their own values, ideas and identity Media leaders we spoke with during this research cited many reasons for starting their own […]
14 de April de 2023

Section 2: Building business models

The digital native media in this study range from tiny start-ups with no revenue to large media organisations that bring in millions of euros each year. […]
12 de April de 2023

Section 1: Digital native media teams

The media outlets included in this study range from small, volunteer-run news organisations that share content through newsletters, podcasts and messaging apps, to large multi-platform operations […]
30 de March de 2023


Project Oasis: Purpose and objectives
29 de March de 2023


This report was produced by a collaborative team of writers and editors that included: Kathryn Geels, Madalina Ciobanu, Janine Warner, Mijal Iastrebner, Sanne Breimer, Lela Vujanic, […]
28 de March de 2023

Executive Summary

Against the backdrop of what many have called a “media extinction event”, caused by the pandemic, economic instability, disinformation and war, a growing number of new kinds of independent news media have emerged.